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365 Songs for 365 People Project

Justin Stove Pipe Stover – One Beard Band

Justin Stover One Beard Band in Traverse City, Michigan
Justin (Stove Pipe) Stover of Traverse City needs some sound equipment so he is starting this Kickstarter project and creating songs for a donation. “365 Songs for 365 People” Project has launched, get in on it by following the link below.
After donating $5 or more dollars, the participant(s) will email me at Via this email, participants will give some info/describe an important (or not important!) memory of theirs, which will become the fodder for the song. Participants will have their name put on a card, which will be emailed to them on the day before their song is posted. I will also have a copy of each person’s respective card to keep track. One song will be posted each day to,, and to

First song will be posted on January 1st, 2015 and continue to the end of the year. I will be using the time remaining of 2014 to get a head start so get your info to me!

Let’s get started!”

Stovepipe Stover: One Beard Band
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