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ArtisTTable is an online art community and art galleryThe ArtisT Table Online Juried Art shows and art retreats.
Post Office Box 262
Acme, MI 49610
Royce Deans (USA)                :
Tali Farchi ( Netherlands)     :

Online Juried Art Shows,and retreats.

The ArtisTTable is the brainchild of painters Tali Farchi of the Netherlands / Israel and Royce Deans from Michigan in the USA. These artists have worked together since 2007 on many international art projects and installations where they have collaborated jointly with musicians and artists of every discipline. Their careers in art have shown them the importance of exposure and promotion. Around the world it is the same story, ‘How do I get my art out there in a public forum and be noticed?’

Farchi and Deans have now put their combined experience as artists and artistic producers together to create an online entity for artists and art lovers to meet together as a community. To discuss art, artistic concepts and processes as well as participate in juried exhibitions. Nothing really helps to push art to higher levels and better places than a good healthy competition. Cash prizes are a great motivation, we can all agree on that.

Promotion is a huge part of the ArtisTTable. Not only do our exhibitions give artist contact information next to the art, we promote the exhibitions and the winners fully through press releases to online and traditional media outlets.

There are several ways that one can be a part of the ArtisTTable community: here on Facebook, we have a Google+ Community, follow on Twitter, Pinterest and others. The website is a good source for what is going on.

Be a part of the group, gather around the Table, share your art, win some prizes.

ArtisTTable Art Retreats are intensive art adventures that immerse participants in experiences that nurture creativity, and exploring new avenues to ways of working, and improving one’s own artistic practice. While primarily the landscape is the focus of most of the retreats, concepts covered apply to many different ways of working. Those that attend these all inclusive retreats will not have to worry about meals and lodging, but will also be privileged to participate in workshops in technique, mindfulness and even writing for artists.

Click here to see all upcoming 2016 retreats: 2016 Retreats

The list of topics will include but, not be limited to:
• Sketchbook and Journaling

    Everything we do in our artistic practice starts in the sketchbook. We provide you with a hardcover 100 page A4 sketchbook you will work out your preliminary sketches and record your daily thoughts and impressions.

• Composition

    We will provide several ways to find and construct meaningful compositions from landscape.

• Color and Atmosphere

    Each day we will make a point to identify how the light, temperature and air changes throughout the day.

• Light and Shadow

    We paint light and shadows ground us and define shape and form.

• Shape and Form

    Determining shape and form is to any painting, but it is crucial to painting the landscape.

• Look, Observe and Respond

    As artists, our job is to observe, taking the time to really look before we respond is a skill we put into practice daily.

• Perspective

    Understanding perspective goes well beyond how we draw a house or a barn. It is important to every aspect of objects in the landscape.

• The Figure in the Landscape
The figure is the ultimate subject in learning to draw. Placing the figure in the landscape is one that takes special effort and consideration.
• Artistic Practice
Artistic Practice includes every aspect of what we do in regards to our art, from time management to what brushes to use and how our studio space is arranged, as well as marketing and how to sell our work.


                                   Registration Information Coming Soon!

Upcoming Exhibitions:
    The Landscape Show – 04 August 2016 (exhibition prospectus coming in May)
The Selfie Show30 October 2016 (exhibition prospectus coming in July)
    The Women’s Show – 31 January 2017 (exhibition prospectus coming in October 2016)
    The Video Show – 28 February 2017 (exhibition prospectus coming in November 2017)   

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