Board Gives TCL&P Director High Marks; Salary Hike Proposed

Board Gives TCL&P Director High Marks; Salary Hike Proposed

TCLPTraverse City Light & Power Executive Director Tim Arends is in line for a five percent salary hike — raising his annual compensation to $124,425 — following a positive performance evaluation by the utility’s board members.

The board will vote on the raise at their 5:15pm meeting Tuesday at the Governmental Center. A committee of board members assigned to review Arends’ compensation recommended the three percent increase stipulated in Arends’ contract for a satisfactory performance review, plus an additional two percent increase for performance. The raise is meant to “decrease the sizable gap between TCL&P’s executive director salary and that of similarly-sized municipal utilities,” according to the committee’s report.

Each board member provided feedback on Arends’ performance over the past year. Arends received high marks for his handling of a major transmission line project on Wayne Street, as well as his efficacy in areas including communication, organization and board relations. Some commissioners expressed concern about an arrangement that allows Arends to periodically work from home due to health-related issues, primarily due to some employees’ resentment or confusion over the arrangement. But board members also said Arends has “worked very hard to be successful and effective” over the past year. One member stated: “He doesn’t shy away from difficult challenges, and this year there were plenty.”

Going forward, board members encouraged Arends to focus on improving relations with the Traverse City commission – particularly as funding conflicts have increased tensions between the two bodies – and to consider TCL&P’s potential role in areas like dark fiber service.

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