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Brewery Terra Firma

Brewery Terra Firma, Traverse City, MichiganBrewery Terra Firma

Brewery Terra Firma

2959 Hartman Road
Traverse City, Michigan
(231) 929-1600
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The first brewery to be certified by the Department of Agriculture’s MAEAP program. Our brewery is located on a 10-acre legacy farm where ingredients are grown for our beer, and production byproducts are recycled. Our unique recycling processes including an innovative water reclamation system in our brewhouse has allowed us to capture over 100,000 gallons of water from the manufacturing process for reuse as irrigation and fertilization on our farm crops. Our recycling products are being shared with other sustainable minded breweries in the state. Our brewer is a 20+ year veteran of professional craft brewing. Visit us at 2959 Hartman Road in Traverse City to experience Brewery Terra Firma, or ask for our products anywhere in Michigan.

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