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Paulino Cecilio Jr.’s Art Journal
“Awaiting As Autumn Comes” Living in Northern Michigan is amazing; being able to see all the seasons through out the year is absolutely breathtaking. The beauty of Northern Michigan is only matched by its hospitality and sense of community. As in nature there can be unforeseen troubles of hardship and distress in life, moments of confusion. Times where it feels as though there is no hope. Treading forward, weary of each step, disconnected and overwhelmed with uncertainty. “Awaiting As Autumn Comes” is that glimpse of hope that reminds us to keep our head up. Every thing is going to be all right. A new day is coming. Each color is a soft reflection of beauty. From the pallet to the brush put against the canvas is a representation of a hardship conquered. (Sept./2012) Original work by Paulino Cecilio Jr. done at Traverse City Art & Design Studio. Paulino Cecilio Jr.'s Art Journal. Other work available at!home/mainPage. Photo by Mark O'Shaughnessy - Photography.

Paulino Cecilio Jr.’s Art Journal

Paulino Cecilio, Jr's Art Journal A Uniquely Enthusiastic Driven Independent Artist. Make a difference in someones life through art- Make Art.

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Rebecca Childs Art
These are the days when Birds come back— A very few-—a Bird or two— To take a backward look. These are the days when skies resume The old—old sophistries of June— A blue and gold mistake ~ Emily Dickinson Two 12″ x 24″ panels Mixed media on canvas 2015 Buy $239

Rebecca Childs Art

Rebecca Childs Art abstract paintings using mixed media. Traverse City.

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Dean Bull-Bonsai Artist

  Bonsai (Pronounced "BONE-sigh") is a Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers. Dean Bull- Bonsai Artist is a native of northern Michigan and has been a self-employed…

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Michigan Artist Gallery

Michigan Artist Gallery 309 N St Joseph (M-22), PO Box 272 Suttons Bay, Michigan <Map  Follow MAG on Facebook for a "Daily dose of MAG".  A daily dose of art from…

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Mark O’Shaughnessy – Photographer
Mark O'Shaughnessy Photography, Traverse City Art and Design Studio

Mark O’Shaughnessy – Photographer

Michelle Hazard for Network Traverse City Mark "Tenebrism" O'Shaughnessy specializes in fashion and fine art photography. You could say he has developed his art as a historian of art,  starting…

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