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David Marek – Film Maker

David Marek David Merek Film Maker Traverse City

David Marek is a Filmmaker, Artist, and Educator devoted to the exploration of cinema as a fine art. David has dedicated himself to the development of unique story telling, production and post production techniques that push aesthetic boundaries while saving production resources and time. Combining years of teaching Film Production and Theory with his diverse professional experience, David is perpetually creating and always interested in starting a conversation about the passion for cinema and storytelling.



Published on Oct 25, 2013

This is a short film I created as part of a live performance of Eric Whitacre’s Luxe Arumque by the Interlochen Arts Academy Band in the Fall semester of 2012 while I was the Filmmaker in Residence there. The band secretly filled into the side balconies in Corson Auditorium and performed the piece without a conductor and with only the light from the film to see. It was one of the most profound experiences I’ve had with my own work and there is just no way to replicate the experience of live music accompanying your film. It was part of a wonderful interdisciplinary performance masterminded by Band Conductor Matthew Schlomer with all the various performances taking inspiration from the theme of Light and Darkness.

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