Hotels, Vacation Rentals & Lodging

Lodging in Northern Michigan works on “Seasons”.  There is Summer or Festival Season; Fall-Color Season; and Off-Season, or winter.   You will see DRAMATIC differences in lodging prices and availability depending on the season.

Festival Season is basically all summer, from Memorial Day, into early fall.  Lodging prices are quite high during this time period, and it can be VERY hard to near-impossible to find rooms and vacation rentals during this time.  People often reserve rooms up to a year in advanced, so you can not call about these room early enough.    There are A LOT of people that come to Northern Michigan during this time.

Color season is generally the early Fall, when the leaves are changing color.  It’s stunningly beautiful in Northern Michigan during this time and while not quite as busy or as expensive as it is during the summer months, it can still be hard to get a room, so call early!

Finally, off-season is any time during the winter.  During this period, rooms are significantly less expensive (normal prices!) and are often available.    Northern Michigan gets very cold and snowy in the winter, but if you have decent tires and a car that handles well in the winter, it can be a gorgeous experience as well.

Most of the Northern Michigan hotels you see here are open year round.