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Karuna Photo

KarunaPhoto in Northern Michigan

Karuna Photo in Northern Michigan

Mesick, Michigan 49668

(231) 313-2030

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Karuna Photo Available to photograph your weddings, families, and graduating seniors.

Clients looking back will see the happiness and love they remember, not overworked and oddly colored photos that only capture the fads of the day.

Real. Life. Photography.

Just know that Karuna means compassion and just like the lotus on my logo, I see the beauty that is everywhere. My candid style and quiet demeanor may not be for everyone, but if you are looking for a photographer who wants only the best for you, please contact me.  Tracy Grant

Tracy Grant, the creative behind KarunaPhoto, will help you feel comfortable in front of the camera, while having a great time!
She’s confident in her years of experience and quality images. Karuna Photo services all of northern Michigan.

Follow Tracy’s Blog for features like this one of the Rare Bird Brewery .

See below for great photo examples please do not copy or use without permission.

From the smallest details through the whole ceremony, the goal is to capture the joy and love you are experiencing in a fun and romantic way.  See more here.


© 2015 KarunaPhoto Wedding and Engagement photos by KarunaPhoto
© 2015 KarunaPhoto

Photographing families is fun, challenging, and always has unexpected moments.

My style is relaxed; confident in big group poses, and then a dash of candid/lifestyle is captured.  See more examples here.

© 2015 KarunaPhoto Family Portraits KarunaPhoto
© 2015 KarunaPhoto

Senior Portraits – Lots of locations, outfits, and great images.  Have a look:

© 2015 KarunaPhoto Northern Michigan Wedding Vendor
© 2015 KarunaPhoto Northern Michigan Wedding Vendor

Have a product you need images done for online?  Product shoots see more here.

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