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Ken Scott Photography

Traverse City ... waterfront sunset  photo date/id: 20130806_0574panoC  view larger here: — Copyright with Ken Scott.
Ken Scott Photography

I met Ken Scott two years ago at Wendy’s in Traverse City, Michigan, where I was holding a small class of beginning social media.  Teaching people one on one how to start their Facebook presence.  I had stumbled across his profile several times in helping friends of his,  and helped  The Michigan Artist Gallery in Suttons Bay begin her Facebook journey.  Ken Scott is one of the artists shown in her Gallery.

Well, Ken took to social media and in no time due to his immense talent and now has  a  large fan base on Facebook.  You can find his photos and videos by the links below.  Please comment if you like his work.   and contact him to buy some prints.

Galleries that carry his work

Ken’s Flickr
Ken’s Website


Ken Scott on YouTube

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