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Good to know Pinterest posting tips and tricks.

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I’ll check it out and share it on one or more of the many platforms I use.

If you already have Pinterest for your business you can choose which boards you would like to add your posts to.  You can become a contributor and add your advertising in the future.  If I don’t already have the category you need let me know I will create one.

When Pinning:

  • Pin from your website
  • Ask yourself where do you want the customer to go, then take them there with the link.
  • Edit the alt text (alternate text) of the image to say in 140 characters or less the basic message.
Even though Pinterest is an image based, search results are still based on words.Michelle

Counts as of 10/07/2015

43 Boards
5.2k Pins
1k Businesses invited to network


Counts as of 01/06/2015:
43 Boards
4,780 Pins


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