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Oasis Audio LLC. 816A Speaker

The Oasis Audio 816A Speaker delivers 360º sound.

816a  360 degree sound locally made

The Oasis Audio 816A  speaker is an evolutionary leap in speaker development beyond the “box” cabinet which is so common to the audio industry as we know it. The 816A is capable of true 360º sound radiation when measured from any angle. Omnipolar radiation is derived from a single point source driver. Without crossover or DSP, this speaker achieves the sound radiation patterns of the very instruments used in the original music!  Read more ..

The speakers are going to be featured in three upcoming movies in 2015.

Sleeping with Other People (produced in part by Will Ferrell)

Ashby with Mickey Rourke and Emma Roberts, and We are Your Friends – with Zac Efron – about a DJ.

These were developed in Bear Lake Michigan when my husband and I hit a garage sale to support Haiti a few years ago. We bought a pretty gourd at that sale, and on the way home, he began tapping the gourd in various places with various rhythms, and said to me that he thought the gourd would make an excellent speaker and produce sound in a unique and true way. He talked about it for a few days or maybe even a couple weeks and I finally said, honey, please just go make a pair and see what happens, and that’s when we realized that it was completely spot on and true, beautiful sound was coming from an organically grown gourd. We hand made gourd speakers for the first year or so, and then added a polymer sphere. We added the polymer sphere because high end audio industry demands consistent results and we needed a sphere that wasn’t left to mother nature’s discretion We still create gourd speakers – one of kind – on request and enjoy listening to them in our own homes as well. The polymer sphere has been a remarkable addition to our line. Melinda Lise Kindermusik Instructor

Phone: 952-240-7807


Location: Bear Lake MI, United States

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

OASIS Audio LLC is headquartered in Bear Lake Michigan and is dedicated to the bringing a revolutionary new product design for exceptional sound clarity to the Audio marketplace. Through the use of its’ unique design which leverages the full energy of the backwave of audio drives it provides an omni-polar radiation pattern that reinforces the acoustical pattern of the primary wave. The unique design in no way resembles the traditional “Box” style speaker hence minimizing any cabinet resonance issues. The acrylic sphere mounted on the back side of the driver enables a virtually complete spherical radiation pattern for unprecedented sound clarity and spacial awareness.

The first product introduced by OASIS Audio is called the 816a and consists of an 8” driver mounted on a custom stainless steel frame that minimizes any structural connectivity to the driver and the acrylic resonating sphere. Due to the single broad frequency range driver and minimal support structure there is a minimal amount of cabinet resonance and with no cross-over distortion creating a sound that minimizes the addition of unwanted harmonics and resonances so all you hear is the music.

OASIS Audio was founded by Pat Looney and Jim Reed who set out about 3 years ago to design a revolutionary new speaker that mimics the sound pattern and style of live instruments. In January 2013, Mike Lahaye joined OASIS Audio as business partner/investor, bringing his Sales and Marketing experience to the organization. Also in January 2013 OASIS moved forward with its’ first single driver, omni-polar High-End Audio speaker, the 816a. OASIS is engaged in numerous evaluations both through the Distribution channel as well as partnering with institutions, such as Interlochen Music academy, for exploring new product solutions that seek to improve upon the sound clarity and quality for listeners in a number of different venues. OASIS continues to improve and refine design parameters on its technology while working on new product designs and styles that address the different needs of the Audio Industry. Please feel free to visit our website at or come visit us at our locations at the RMAF: booth #19, room #1121 .

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