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Paulino Cecilio Jr.’s Art Journal

Paulino Cecilio, Jr.’s Art Journal

Contact Info: or call/text (231) 714-4879

Gallery –!emotional/c1t44

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Just in time for #‎Easter‬; A look back at the process behind my interpretation of a commissioned religious piece, to the sounds of MercyMe. “Every burn a testament, each implied line an embodiment of spirituality; “The Last Supper, of a Galilean” is my interpretation of the ‘Last Supper’ through the use of a simple wood burning tool.” – Paulino Cecilio Jr.’s Art Journal

A Uniquely Enthusiastic Driven Independent Artist Paulino Cecilio Jr.

“Awaiting As Autumn Comes” Paulino Cecilio, Jr.
“Awaiting As Autumn Comes” Living in Northern Michigan is amazing; being able to see all the seasons through out the year is absolutely breathtaking. The beauty of Northern Michigan is only matched by its hospitality and sense of community. As in nature there can be unforeseen troubles of hardship and distress in life, moments of confusion. Times where it feels as though there is no hope. Treading forward, weary of each step, disconnected and overwhelmed with uncertainty. “Awaiting As Autumn Comes” is that glimpse of hope that reminds us to keep our head up. Every thing is going to be all right. A new day is coming. Each color is a soft reflection of beauty. From the pallet to the brush put against the canvas is a representation of a hardship conquered. (Sept./2012) Original work by Paulino Cecilio Jr. done at Traverse City Art & Design Studio. Paulino Cecilio Jr.’s Art Journal. Other work available at!home/mainPage. Photo by Mark O’Shaughnessy – Photography.

Ask about pricing/commissions welcomed.


Works have been shown at:

Brew, 108 E. Front St. Traverse City. 49684

Live For Art Gallery, 273 S. Benzie Blvd. Beulah, Michigan 49617

Coho 320 Main St, Frankfort, MI 49635

Bella Galleria and Old Mission Tavern, 17015 Center Rd. Traverse City, MI 49686

God’s Kitchen Grand Rapid, 303 Division Ave. S.

Brook’s Hair design 406 S Union St Suite A . Traverse City, Michigan. 49684

Mocha morning still life water color study at Brew Traverse City with my coffee buddy. - Paulino Cecilio Jr.'s Art Journal
Mocha morning still life water color study at Brew Traverse City with my coffee buddy. – Paulino Cecilio Jr.’s Art Journal

Note: I wrote about Paulino over a year ago, and lost his post in an upgrade to the website.  He up-cycles makeshift canvases from doors or scrap when he can’t afford a new canvas.  He is being shown and commissioned all over the Traverse City area.  He is a veteran, and humble in giving to those he meets.  He has donated a number of paintings to The Women’s Resource Center which were well received and welcomed.  Please take a minute and check out all of his art I think you will be just as impressed as I am.  

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