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Schedg-It – New Local Business and APP

by Michelle Hazard: May 17th, 2013

Schedg-It – Press Release

Owner -Schedge-it
Owner -Schedge-it

This service is better understood as an “Automated Appointment Reminder System,” and it allows businesses to send out appointment alerts and reminders to clients at various time frames. In turn, the client may accept, cancel or reschedule the appointment. The best part is that Schedg-It links with your other calendars so you will see multiple visuals of the appointment.

This service is used by various professionals such as: doctor, dental, veterinary and physical therapy practices, hair salons and automotive dealerships etc. We value your time as well as that of professional businesses, which is why this program is beneficial to all.

Schedge-it Logo

The Schedg-It App is compatible with Apple and Android devices and is a free download for consumers. The Schedg-It App provides a nice and easy to use interface, allowing clients to view current, future and past appointments.

  1. Client does not have to enter in appointment information into their own calendar
  2. No more appointment reminder calls, postcards or reminder slips
  3. For cancellations and rescheduling appointments, Schedg-It prompts a redial of business, displaying the phone number
  4. Get a reminder two days before your appointment as well as the day of
  5. Schedg-It syncs with other personal calendars, so you will not double-book

Try Schedg-it today and you will receive a 30 day risk free trial : No hidden fees or charges, simply pay $0.15 per new appointment sent, less than the cost of a postage stamp.

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