Single MOMM-Surviving to Thriving

Single MOMM helps move single mom families from surviving to thriving.

Single MOMM helps move single mom families from surviving to thriving. By shattering the personal barriers that break down the family through life coaching, monthly community outreaches, collaborative efforts with agencies and churches, and small group- initiatives.

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Giving the gift of a bright future to a single mom family is as simple as giving $25 a month.

Your gift of $25 a month provides one on one life coaching, small group opportunities, retreat intensives, and opportunity to participate in our Moms 2 Work initiative.

Your donation at work:

• Over 325 single mom families have been supported and cared for by  Single MOMM in the last five years.

• 78% of those families have taken  positive steps forward.

• Single MOMM gives back to the community approx.$120,000 a year by helping single moms come off welfare.

• 5000 + hours have been spent investing in teaching single moms how to thrive through life coaching .

• For 5 years community volunteers have provided a consistent safe haven for single moms and their kids.

• We have proven that single mom’s are more than a statistic.

Single MOMM of Traverse City

Please read Ella’s story to see how $25 a month can transform a single mom’s future:

One More Time

Recently an old number popped back up on our phone.  Three years prior, a new single mom in the area had left the abusive father of her two children and had headed up north. We met with her, listened to bits and pieces of the story she told, and helped get her connected into area resources to help her begin a new life for her family. Yet, the old life came calling and she went back. This would happen one more time over the next couple of years and we told her she could always come back and that we would be praying for her.

When we saw the number again, we had to hope that this would be the time she would be ready to make the changes needed and be willing to risk trusting us.

She was back in the area and about to deliver her third child from this abusive man. We asked her if she needed us and this time she let us in. We walked through the delivery of her third born, and began to learn about her and all that she and her children had gone through. She was frightened to leave her house anticipating that he would show up in our community. Her isolation and fear lead to her inability to provide for her family, to walk in emotional health, and to form a healthy relational support network.

Through phone conversations, sitting with her and her children, providing a safe outlet for her to express her needs in, and consistent encouragement she began to take small steps. She entered into a life coaching relationship with multiple women on staff at Single MOMM. Through her time with us she has learned to establish an emergency plan if her ex were to show up, secure the paperwork she needs to keep her and her children safe, get and maintain work, acquire affordable and safe housing, increase her parenting skills, start to form a healthy social network, and allow families in to her life that want to walk with her and love her children. She has learned that she is not alone and that she has the ability to take the next step. Please pray for this beautiful family as they walk with us on their road to recovery.

Single MOMM of Traverse City
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 Gift of a Bright Future ($25 a month for life coaching)

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Help us with our Christmas Event with a one time donation.  There are three drop locations where you can donate a $20 gift card from Toys R Us, Kohl’s, or Meijer.These locations are:The Single MOMM office at 3210 Racquet Club Dr Suite B

Rolling Farms Cafe (Copper Ridge),

 WLJN Radio station North of the corner of 14th St and Cass St.

These gift cards will be used at our event Saturday December 14th to allow our moms to pick out their children’s Christmas gifts! Please call our office if you have any additional questions!

Single MOMM programs available for single women.
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Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, from 5-7pm Single MOMM hosts a night dedicated to all single moms and their children. Single Mom? Come out for a FREE dinner, take home gifts, speakers, pampering, and more. This night is designed to enhance the single mom’s life by helping her connect with others, addressing her needs, providing space to rest and recharge, while a FREE nursery and youth program are available. Call for more info 231-944-1710

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