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Sweet Thunder Inc.

Sweet Thunder Inc. -Cadillac,  Our feeling is "if it doesn't sound good... what's the point"Sweet Thunder Inc.
3961 S. 39 Rd.
Cadillac, Michigan
(231) 775-1711

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Sweet Thunder Inc.  was established in 1979 and  manufactures high performance exhaust systems for early and late model muscle cars.

The unique tone of the early muscle cars has been lost in modern times, and they are bringing it back.

Their feeling is “if it doesn’t sound good… what’s the point?”

Sweet Thunder Inc. Exhaust are proud to use American Labor, American Steel, & good old American ideas and ingenuity.

For the highest quality buy American and help to keep Americans working!

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Complete Exhaust Systems

Aluminized Specialty Muffler

Chambered Mufflers

X Pipes

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Oversized Sidepipes

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