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Wings of Wonder

Previously Published Oct. 22nd, 2012 This campaign was successful and Wings of Wonder continues to help sick and injured raptors.

Wings of Wonder is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to raptor education, raptor rehabilitation and raptor research. Please visit their website.

Wings of Wonder: Blog.  Donate here:  Wings of Wonder  Visit Facebook Page Wings of Wonder

Wings of Wonder: Blog

To all of our friends and supporters, we ask that you please consider the following request. Due at the end of this month is our second, and final, $4000.00 payment to the Leelanau County Road Commission, as per the settlement of the 2009-
2011 law suit. As you may remember the road commission had decided that our private easement was a public road and decided to take ownership back in 2009, thus a lawsuit was “born”. This easement included our private driveway and, if allowed to become public, would have had cars driving though our yard and right alongside several of our flight pens. If allowed to become public, the proximity of the road to the flight pens would have closed down Wings of Wonder. The settlement provided for a portion of a newly constructed seasonal road to be situated off of our property and 70 feet from our property line. Terms of this settlement required us to make a total payment to the Road Commission of $8000.00. The legal fees created a huge financial burden as did the required property perimeter fence which we built last fall. This solid 9 foot fence now shields and protects the raptors from the new public road. I am asking you to please consider a financial pledge of support towards this final payment. Your donation is full tax deductible and will help us to continue our mission of raptor rehabilitation, education and research. Help us to fly ever higher. My raptorian thanks!


Donations can be sent to Wings of Wonder, 13035 South Greenway Trail, Empire, Mich 49630 or you can use PayPal from our web site

thanks to all!

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