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Mark O’Shaughnessy – Photographer

Michelle Hazard
for Network Traverse City
Mark O'Shaughnessy Photography
Mark O’Shaughnessy at work.

Mark “Tenebrism” O’Shaughnessy specializes in fashion and fine art photography.
You could say he has developed his art as a historian of art,  starting with the Tenebrism* movement. Where the black and white becomes the dominating element.
He often shoots community events sometimes at the request of the agencies or vendors.

Mark O'Shaughnessy Photgraphy
“Donated some camera time this morning to a great group of people helping challenged kids through art! (-” “ACT, Artists Creating Together Grand Traverse” “MarkO”

He believes in his camera and allows it to be his painting tool. You can see his work currently in Building 50 at The Grand Traverse Commons, and meet him at his studio he runs with Carol Buck. The Traverse City Art and Design Studio.

Mark Tenebrism O’Shaughnessy Photography

Mark O'Shaughnessy Photography
Mark O’Shaughnessy
Traverse City Art and Design Studio, Traverse City, Michigan. Click Photo for Gallery
Mark O'Shaughnessy Photography
Opa’s Up Town
Traverse City, Michigan

Mark O'Shaughnessy Photography

Mark O'Shaughnessy Photography
Slow day at the Studio


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